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Can Artificial Intelligence [AI] truly eliminate Human Touch from the Hiring Process?

Artificial Intelligence [AI] can play a role up to certain level and eliminating complete Human touch is difficult to ignore as Organization is not buying an "off the shelf" product, there are multiple parameters that need to be checked or discussed once the applications have been shortlisted for the next level of interviews. Every organization would surely want the right candidate joining them so they would like to explore Culture Fit, Communications, Interpersonal skills, Experience, Salary etc. through human interactions.
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Also, There are instances when candidates applications are rejected by the AI since the algorithm is written in such a way that the applications should be in a given format to parse in their systems. Imagine, if every career website or job portal has their unique AI or Algorithm, then it will be a nightmare for the candidates to keep creating different set of profiles. Let's explore where AI can help or compliment the current Hiring Process and also some of its pitfalls

Hiring Stages or Processes Areas where AI can be leveraged

1. Job Posting - Job Portals can make it simpler using AI for Recruiters to just pull or built the JD using plug and play mechanism instead of Recruiter Google Searching or trying to break their head to prepare the JD based on their needs.
2. Candidates Applications - Many Job Portals already have an in-built algorithm to provide candidates details to ease the Recruiter's life to certain extent. AI can take it to the Next level by adding intelligence to review the entire list and then perhaps map out the candidates skills against the JD and provide the final shortlist by reducing time & effort
3. Candidates Skills - Many a times, candidates has added all the skills needed for the job, Though they might not have the relevant experience as the intent is to ensure their profile get shortlisted therefore, It will be challenging for AI or any algorithm to detect such incompetent profiles and filter it
4. Social Media Profiles Scan - AI Solutions / Algorithms can help Companies & Recruiters for scanning candidate's Social Media profiles in terms of hate, violence, discrimination, pornographic content, bad mouthing previous employers etc. Any such content that can harm company's reputation / brand should be taken seriously and check for candidate's past antecedent on Social Media without second thought otherwise the damages to the company or brand can be devastating
5. Candidates Pre-Screening - Though leveraging an AI, Above tasks can be accomplished however when you are taking the hiring to the next level, There has to be a Human touch unless Cortana or Alexa is being used to collaborate with the candidates and capture candidates discussions and decide based on their in-built intelligence. Human touch can't be eliminated here as the Recruiter need to check many parameters such as communication, salary expectations, work experience, willingness to relocate, personal challenges etc.
6. Interviewing - Every Hiring Manager wants to ensure that his / her team talks to the candidates before taking it to the next level of interviews or elimination to ensure that they have a close match with respect to their expectations. Another perspective is that though, many a times, Candidates joins the organization for couple weeks and were asked to leave due to non-performance, attitude or falsified experiences / education besides leveraging all types of tools, techiques and processess
7. Final Offer Roll-out - The final step before on-boarding also required Human touch as HR manager wants to discuss the candidates expectations vis-a-vis company budgeted salary whether the candidate is willing to negotiate or they fishing for more or better offers?
8. Background Verification [BGV] - Our system of collating individual's data, where everything is well-documented, interlinked and automated etc. is not as advanced compared to other countries. Many organizations still depends on other service providers for such services and in turn they use manpower to verify & authenticate such data provided by the candidates.
THE CONCLUSION Artificial Intelligence [AI] can compliment the current Hiring Process however thinking or assuming that it will eliminate Human touch in the entire process is next to impossible as human behavior can be evaluated by human themselves besides using the available technology.
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